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About Linda Johnsen, M.S.

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    I'm a writer who shuttles back and forth between two universes: the modern Western world and India! I've published over 200 articles on topics related to ancient Greece, yoga and Hindu spirituality in many magazines including Yoga Plus, Yoga International, Yoga Journal, The Mountain Astrologer, and Light of Consciousness.

I'm also author of eight books so far, including:

     My essays have appeared in numerous anthologies, including The Divine Mosaic: Women’s Images of the Sacred Other, Stepping Into Ourselves: An Anthology of Writings on Priestesses, Fearless Living: Yoga and Faith, Quick Tips for Balanced Living, Yoga Abenteuer Meditation (in German), Shree Maa: The Life of a Saint, Living With the Soul, At the Feet of a Himalayan Master, Vol. 5, and Hindu Astrology Lessons.

     I've lectured throughout the U.S. on ancient Greek mysticism, Goddess spirituality, yoga and Hinduism. I have a Master's degree in Eastern Studies.

     For four years I was Manager of the Center for Holistic Medicine in Glenview, Illinois. Later I served as Administrator of the Program in Eastern Studies, in Honesdale, Pennsylvania. This was a fully accredited Master’s degree program which focused on the many facets of the yoga tradition: hatha yoga postures, stress reduction and breathing exercises, diet, physiology, ethics, philosophy, Sanskrit studies, meditation and research.

     These days I'm still writing, teaching, and introducing people to ancient traditions of spirituality.